Lisa Eldrige

Social Media proposal

The Series

“Heroines wear Velvet” a series of real women who have achieved professional fulfilment after hustling through tons of interviews, working 2 jobs and studying etc. Create a Instagram campaign inviting women to share their story. Publish a story weekly on Feed and Instagram Stories that call to action to include the community to the conversation.

The conversation

Talk about universal interests related to the brand that the community shares like skin care. Open invitation to send routines that inspire women to feel empowered in the morning.

The movement

Create a movement under the hashtag #TheVelvetRevolution and encourage consumers to upload and tag the brand. Not only to raise User Generated Content but start a trend of women that embody the brand by identifying with the movement and using the products.


The photoshoot

Produced, shot and edited a series of photos with a “French girl” vibe that represents either of the personas mentioned on the posts above: #HeroinesWearVelvet #VelvetWomen #TheVelvetRevolution.