Cult Furniture

Social Media proposal

The Grid

In 2020, well curated and cohesive feeds will pump the following count. The proposal is to work with a color oriented feed, while using a variety of images between dressed rooms, third party images and products. In this example the palette is focused on greens, whites and greys. This can help Cult Furniture own a specific aesthetics style.

The call out/giveaway

Plants are a big trend among interior design and in Social Media. Invite the community to become part of the storytelling by sharing their tips. Selected users will be featured on Cult Furniture blog. Encourage participation with a giveaway.


The Series

IGTV will to continue growing in 2020. A series launched through a hashtag will place Cult Furniture as a go-to brand to find information relevant to interior design. In this case, produce a series around the concept of working from home. Invite speakers and push the hashtag #WorkFromHomers to create community.


The Infomational post

Providing useful-top searched topics to audiences is one way to convert posts into visits to the website. Including themes that go hand in hand with the products are also a good way to make Cult Furniture memorable.